Liv&Ingmar – “painfully connected”

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Liv&Ingmar – “painfully connected”

Liv&Ingmar brought me back to the days when I used to sit in my little room alone, drawn into his films, fascinated by the shots and lines he created. I always can’t expect what’s the next line will be or what’s behind the stories he wants to tell.

Then I used to take notes and tried to understand the words,
like” Is my grief your secret happiness?”
I will read them again after finish the films. It wasn’t easy to understand but it is satisfying. I felt fully inspired and I can feel what’s behind those characters’ masks.

The tenderness, the intimacy, the shame, the love, the pain..

Now, watching this documentary is like opening a secret box of Ingmar’s world. I seem to find some answers about his films from their unusual love story. I want to watch all his films again so that I can understand more, and I know I will.

I love the word “Soulmate”. I believe he is one or many of the characters he had written, whom loves other in a selfish, indirect, poetic way. but indeed,he is a great artist and he gives his life to films. He watches and loves Liv with his soul, which we hardly find a way to enter.

Are they “painfully connected”? You will know when you see her eyes during her interview, which is the only 2 days she gave to the director.

Maybe he is writing her lines somewhere at the same time.




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