Why most people love hero films?

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Why most people love hero films?

I am not a big super hero movies fan but whenever I got a chance to go to the theatre to watch these movies, most of the time there is no empty seat left.
I have to say I do enjoy the typical hero sequence of actions, even though some of the senses are ridiculously non-sense.
Joseph Campbel, one of the best known mythologist who wrote” the Power of Myth” says:

“I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive …
so that we can actually feel the rapture being alive.”

“Cinema is the modern, secular cathedral. As humans we enter that darkened theatre seeking, I think, three things:

To expand our emotional bandwith – to feel sensations that we rarely experience in our normal lives.
To reconnect with our higher selves – to be reminded of what humans are capable of, in terms of both good and evil, and to alter course if we’re steering more towards the latter than the former.
To be reminded we’re not alone – that by the collective reaction of others in the audience we realise that we are not the only ones wrestling with life’s eel.”

If we all have a chance to enter a world with Magic, super power, fighting with evil, then…
cinema can do that, and with new technologies, we all somehow can manage to have some super power. This is a picture of me flying in the cloud:

fly in the cloudNo fancy technologies, no flying wings or dangers. but i truly enjoy seeing myself “looks like flying”.

That’s why I want to film, or someone who loves running, biking, painting,etc. We all want to experience something make us More Alive!

Maybe it is not enough to just watch more hero movies, maybe it is a good idea to become a hero to your dream, something makes you believe you can do.

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