5 films I’ve watched more than twice

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5 films I’ve watched more than twice

Feel like sharing some good films I’ve watched so many times. They are not just films, but part of my memory even part of myself.
I guess that’s the magic of film: making people engage and experience what makes us feel more about this world.

1. Amelie
I have to say I love this film so much that I got obsessed with it. The music, the colour, the shots. I am sure this is on lots of people’s favourite list. Every time I watch it, it makes my day.

2. A clockwork Orange
I have to say, the experience of watching this film is not pleasant but it is unforgettable. I still remember the shocking feeling when I watch the last shot and how long I’ve been let my brain absorb all the powerful images and words on my bed. I was young and it opened up my mind.

3.Summer Palace(Chinese)
This film is one of my favourite Chinese film, not because it mentioned about the sensitive issue about China, nor because it is forbidden. Simply it just make me feel nostalgia. I love the taste of this film and sometimes I just leave it as background when i want to think.

4.Cinema Paradiso
This film is like a childhood memory for me, which can be seen as one of the reason to get me fascinated about the magic of film.

Who doesn’t like this special relationship between young smart Natalie Portman and “cool” killer leon. who doesn’t want to dress up like her and walking with a plant on your hands?

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