Film is art-small details that make the film unique

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Film is art-small details that make the film unique

When I watch a film or make my own. I really tend to enjoy the small details of the shots. I love when director pays lots of attention on making the small things right instead of fixing them more on the post.
Most of the time, the quality of light, the colour palettes or the angle of a shadow makes such a difference for a film. You may not understand what i mean, Let’s discover some examples together.It will be an interesting journey.

1.Stanley Kubrick is one of my favourite director.

Watching his film Barry Lyndon is like entering an film art gallery. Every stills from this film can be seen as an art work. For making the character more real, he borrowed all the costume from the museum. You can imagine how much work the crew have to do for making this film. At the end, it is all worth it.



2. Ida(2013) is my recent discovery.

It can be boring as a black&white film with religion elements, but the director apparently paid lots of attention on the composition of all the shots, which gives the film a deeper beauty. The story is quite surprising as well.


3. Wes Anderson is really one of the kind director.

He uses many long shots and lots of vintage colours. If you search Wes Anderson Style online, you may see many people are trying to imitate the unique colour palettes. Style can be seen as one of the most important thing for filmmaker.

5There are lot more to discover when you watch a good film. Stay tuned for more article and feel free to share your own.


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