5 best music uses in Film

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5 best music uses in Film

Sometime, a piece of music or notes from a song have the ability to bring all the memories of the vivid recollection of the film. Music plays such an important role for conveying the moment of a scene. Here are some of my favourite songs from movie soundtracks. Thanks Youtube for all these edited short clip, it will be a enjoyable journey.

1.Easy rider( Steppewolf- Born to be wild) + ( The Byrds- I wasn’t born to follow)

I remember i watched this film once in my FilmStudies class and I loved the songs so much that I couldn’t help listening over and over again. I suppose it taste like the wild freedom.

2. Pulp Fiction (Chuck Berry- You never can tell)

Who doesn’t want to dance with this song and I am sure this is so many people’s favourite jam as it bring back all the memories of this dramatic scene.

3.GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (Redbone- Come and get your love)

Personally I am not a big fun of this film but I really do love the soundtrack, it gives more layers to the whole film.

4. Happily Ever After (Radiohead- Creep)

Did I mention I just watch everything that Jonny Depp plays? Here is one of the film that you won’t remember the movie much but you do remember the song.

5. Almost famous(Elton John- Tiny dancer)

I think this song is more famous than the film but it is really worth it to watch Almost Famous if you are rock music fun! This film is completely filled with all the good music.

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