Discover video artist and their artworks in the world.

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Discover video artist and their artworks in the world.

Film(video) art is an art form which relies on moving pictures and comprises video and/or audio data. If you look into it, there are many established artists worldwide who use mainly video and film as their preferred medium.
Most video artworks are screened, projected or shown as a single image. Many artist install the video art work in the gallery. Installation video is the most common form of video art today. These are the ones I like. Each piece is very unique and some of them are quiet obscure.

1.Bill Viola

One of the most famous contemporary video artist.
Water is the most common theme in his art work.

Bill Viola Official Website:

2.Tacita Dean

Canterbury, England

Marian Goodman Gallery: Tacita Dean Profile

3.Rodney Graham

Vancouver, Canada

Canadian Art: Rodney Graham Profile

4.Yael Bartana


Annet Gelink Gallery: Yael Bartana Profile

5.Tony Oursler

New York, United States

Tony Oursler Official Website:

6.Jeremy Blake

United States

I have to mention here about this American digital artist and painter Jeremy Blake, who was born 1971, committed suicide one week after the suicide of his girlfriend, filmmaker Theresa Duncan in 2007.

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