Great Books about Film

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Great Books about Film

Book is another way to understand film, especially the deeper layer meaning of art of film making. All these books can hold forever for film lovers  because there is always something to learn and to enjoy.

1.What Is Cinema – by Andre Bazin

The philosophy and unique insights of the late French film critic are revealed in these essays.book1

2.Sculpting In Time – Andrey Tarkovsky

In Sculpting in Time, the genius film director has left his artistic testament and a remarkable revelation of both his life and work.This is one of the book you can always pick it up and reread.

3.The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers- by Christopher Vogler

This is a book good for all script write to read. It provides new insights and observations from his pioneering work in mythic structure for writers.booklist2

4. Zeroville – by Steve Erickson

I haven’t read this book but apparently this is a film all about movies.booklist4

5.Film Directing Shot by Shot: Visualizing from Concept to Screen – By Steven D. Katz

It is what it written on the title. It is very classic book about directing. Everything you need to know about camera movements, shots, frame formats, scene staging ect.list5

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