My Saturday afternoon favourite list

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My Saturday afternoon favourite list

Once in a while i am craving for some good new bands, inspiring films or just writing down some words.
From now, I plan to share this Saturday afternoon “my favourite list” updated every two weeks.
This week: One film to watch + one new band to listen + some of my own words + photo.
Hope you enjoy and create your own Saturday afternoon favourite list.

New band: Bob Moses

I accidentally find this band on sound cloud and realize they will have a show next week in Toronto. One word to describe my experience of listening: deep and creative. I love listening music and imagine the cinematic scenes that created from it. Would love to make music video for this kind of band!
a good news: They are going to have a show next Friday(Nov 14th) in CODA Toronto.

Get Ticket on MOSES

Film to watch: Paris Texas


This is a old road movie directed by Wim Wenders, who I also seen as a film poet. I’ve heard about this film for more than 10 years but haven’t got a chance to sit down and watch it. All I remember is a beautiful blond hair girl with her red sweater. At this moment, I realize why this is one of the film that is worth to treasure.
I perceive this film as a story about loneliness, that no matter how much people love each other, they are doomed to feel lonely. Vagrant, awaken, forgiveness and relief. After all the mistakes you made and all the moment you experienced, there is one thing you realize, you can’t use someone else to patch the hole in your heart.

Nov 8th is a beautiful fulfilled day. It’s cloudy and gloomy outside but peaceful inside.
Every morning, I can’t predict what i will gain or feel today but i wrote what’s in my mind:


How many words will you write per day?
How many people are you thinking about,

No matter how complex the world is
There is always a valley for you to walk
breath quietly, the deep contrast space

time, self, love, Forgotten
words, colours, tunes, Forbidden

Thinking is a habit, not a wayFilm Artist

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