A new way to show case your art book

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A new way to show case your art book

The Criterion Collection is an American video-distribution company, has been dedicated to “gathering the greatest films from around the world and publishing them in editions of the highest technical quality, with supplemental features that enhance the appreciation of the art of film.”

Recently, Criterion released a hardcover coffee table book called Criterion Designs  and use film as a way to showcases all of this unique art.

I love the visual style and the idea of  using film as a medium to present the art book.

Criterion Designs from Criterion Collection on Vimeo.

Filmmaking has lots of freedom in terms of manipulating all stills and moving images.

Here  are some other examples for showcasing creative art books:

Capsule 01: Limited Edition Art Book from LMS on Vimeo.

Face Front (Art Book) from Bryce Wymer on Vimeo.

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