Best and must watch films in 2014

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Best and must watch films in 2014

Looking back 2014 and thinking about the recent films I’ve watched, it is not hard to say: It is a pleasure to go to the theatre and each of these films are unique. and they all have their special promotional point.

Start with a film that people talk about the most around me

Maybe you’ve never watched this film, but i bet you’ve seen photos online that portraits of a boy turn into a man and it is not the makeup artist’s magic. Shot in 39 days over the course of 12 years, directer Director Richard Linklater makes an ordinary story extraordinary.

The Grand Budapest Hotel
If you like Wes Anderson style, you must like this film. If you like vintage surreal fictional style, you will love this film.

Begin Again
If you like the irish film “Once” and also have the soundtrack on your playlist, you will also enjoy this film. And because of Keira Knightley, the film get it’s good taste fashion style as well. You will remember the vibes of it than the story itself.

Gone Girl

The most twisted shocking story that I’ve watched in 2014, but very well directed. You will not blink your eyes when you are taken into the scenes, and you will never forget about the story and the end.

Can I say this is the best film I’ve watch over the past few years?There is nothing I can imagine of before I started watching Birdman. Apparently, to make the whole film look like one single shot is neither easy for the production nor for the actors. You are indeed not just watching a movie. It’s a new experience.

推拿 blind Massage
If you are looking for a foreign film to watch, this can be the best choice, from Director of “The Summer Palace(2006)”

Big Eyes
I’ve been waiting for this film to shown in theatre since couples of month ago when i saw the trailer and i wrote a blog about it: Now it is finally here.
A. O. Scott calls it “a horror movie tucked inside a domestic drama wrapped up in a biopic,” and of course, it is directed by Tim Burton!

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