On thinking about being your own boss

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On thinking about being your own boss

Hi, world and people out there who wants to work for themselves. I hope you have a fruitful day.

Today is the first day I’d like to share my thoughts as an entrepreneur, a self-taught filmmaker, a risk taker and a fresh thinker.
Instead of sitting in front of computer looking for “how to”, I choose to live and think on my own. The day when you are committed to work for your own passion, you will realize that you just have to breathe with it. It will be difficult but also satisfying.

Every morning I wake up with a question: what can I learn today? What can I do to contribute to my business? As a visual person, I think of light, color, shapes and shadows all the time, but filmmaking is not just about visual. It is the combination of everything.
I always keep this line to remind myself the gratitude of being a filmmaker:

The life of being a film director is a  totality and he learns as he lives. Everything is pertinent,there is nothing  irrelevent or trivial.  O lucky man, to have such a profession!  Every experience leaves its residue of knowledge behind.  Every book we read applies us.  Everything we see and hear, if we like it, we steal it.  Nothing is irrelevent.  It all belongs to us.

After I did my Yoga yesterday, I realize one thing from a very difficult posture. You either can do it with ease, or dragged by its intensity.
As living our life with every difficult challenge, I choose to ease into the difficulties and totally experience it. Being a creative person means to fail, to try, and fail again. After all, what really matters are the moments when we are doing; what really left are the unique memories of your own.
I will share more with my words and visual materials to learn together and I’d like to hear about your experience as your own boss. What life teaches you today?

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