Dream and Film

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Dream and Film

Have you ever written down your dreams after you wake up in the morning? If you try your best to remember, you may realize that dreaming is like watching a movie except sometimes you are experiencing situations vividly.
My dreams have always been interesting and colourful since I can remember. Maybe that’s why I love film and making films because making a film scene is like re-creating a dream sequence.
I have noticed one thing though, and please tell me if you agree; Recently, because of the new digital technology, everyone is looking for high definition quality but dream sequences are never shot in HD. When comparing these sequences to my own dreams my sight is always blurry, and the light is usually very obscure as if there are many secrets hidden inside. If I have a chance, I would love to go inside other people’s dreams to see how different they are. Maybe all of our dreams are connected somehow.
I’m always wondering, are most of us going to the theatre to experience reality or a dream world? What are the films that make you feel like you are in a dream? If you do feel this way, for me it means it is a great film.

These are some of the films that I have in my mind:

1. Inception-expending the dream world

I am sure this film is on many people’s list of “dream films”. The amazing thing about this film is the magic of it. The director actually wrote the first draft of this scrip when he was 16, and it is inspired by some of his dreams.

2. Attila Marcel(2013)

This is a really interesting French film that has lots of “dream sequences” and they use the main character’s point of view to dream about his parents when he was a baby.

3. Paprika(2006)

Some people describe this animation film as the original copy of inception because they both have similar concepts. I personally think animation films have more power to recreate dream scenes because it can be more surreal.

Write a comment below if you have any film in your mind that make you feel like experiencing a dream.

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