Creative local business needs a professional video

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Creative local business needs a professional video

Every idea is unique. There are so many creative people who like to bring their idea to life and work hard on it. Some of them truly shine with their own character.

Creating a business is like creating a new world, it needs to be taken care of most importantly, it needs to be known. Business is not just about selling and buying, instead, it is about providing a fun service/ a great experience for people to enjoy. And video is the best way to show the experience.

The other day I find one really amazing video production company in Greece that create video for the art of making/crafting. Take a look at one of my favourite video:

The Art of Making, Red Dress from Deep Green Sea on Vimeo.

There are other kinds of videos that gives a great explanation about what does your business do: a animation videos like this:

MESSAGE ME – promo from N9VE on Vimeo.
Depending on the purpose of your creative idea, video like this can be short and fun. The problem is, it doesn’t give the full experience of who you are and how will your business make your customers feel.

Since Filmartist Productions just partnered up with Closeties studio, we try to combine the cinematic elements and the animated graphic elements together to provide the fully engagement between your business and your client’s need.

As creators, we care about every detail of the messages, the story behind your unique idea and the experience you want your customers to feel. Can you imagine all your ideas and will characters be shown through a memorable and creative video?

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