New upcoming movies – more to expect in 2015(part1)

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New upcoming movies – more to expect in 2015(part1)

There are many new great films to expect the second half of 2015.Let’s take a look and add on your “want to watch” film list!

1. Carol- 2015(cannes)
Rooney Mara and kate Blanchett, just to hear this two names already made me feel excited about this film. Set in 1950s New York, a department-store clerk who dreams of a better life falls for an older, married woman.
Rooney Mara won the best actress at Cannes Film Festivals for this work, what more can I say?

2.Black Mass- 2015 september
I assume everybody is expecting Johnny Depp to appear back in form. And this film must be the one to check out!

3. The Program- 2015 September
Have you ever watched Transporting(1996) and The Beach(2000)? As a big fun of these two films, i am convinced to watch The Program since the script is written by Josh Hodge!

4. The Walk -2015 October
If you are not a big fun of documentary and you missed The Man On Wire, The Walk will be a another chance to experience this breathtaking true story.

5.Room – 2015 October
I’ve read this book last year and can’t stop imaging all the scenes that played in my head. I hope I can love the film as much as the book.

There are still so many more to find out and if you have any films that you are expecting to watch please share with us.

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