30sec film artists Vol.65 – Danielle Hession

Something always drew me to making up my own story by re-interpreting old photos

Danielle Hession‘s artwork is an exploration of society’s relationship with treasured objects and personal memories. She reveres old photographs and found ephemera as time capsules and storehouses of information.
Danielle’s work is also inspired by an ever-growing collection of found objects and imagery.There is always an intrigue in the lost story behind each found treasure.

Danielle Hession – Artworks

Danielle Hession's work1

Danielle Hession's work2

Danielle Hession's work3

Danielle Hession's work4

Danielle Hession's work5

Danielle Hession's work6

Danielle – 30sec film artists Q&A

Do you collect things?

I collect: vintage photos, vintage journals, washi paper tape, old books, patterned paper and anything with horses on it.

What’s your craziest dream?

I have a recurring dream that my hands are stuck high above my head. It could have so many different meanings.

Do you have a motto or creed that as an artist you live by?

Embrace all the mistakes and find inspiration in the process.

What project/art are you hoping to create but haven’t got chance to do yet?

I would love to start a collection of vintage photos with interesting shadows. They would be great inspiration for a new series. I also want to experiment with painting on mirror.

Is there a childhood experience that has helped shape the kind of work you do today?

My mom bought me a set of rubber stamps when I was six. That must have been when my love affair with mixed media began.

Behind the Scenes – Filmmaker’s Experience

Old photos, pictures, notebooks tend to trigger nostalgia feelings and they always drew Danielle’s attention. Her studio is full of papers, stickers, old pictures and cutting pieces of fascinating shapes. I was intrigued by how she interpret them. She said old photos have its own mystery and story that she doesn’t know. She often goes to St. Lawrence market and dig them out since she was very young. Sometimes she finds those sweet or sad messages on the back of the photo and it inspires her to create her own artwork.
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