30sec film artists Vol.66 – Talia Shipman

Turquoise as water as balance

Talia Shipman’s visual practice is motivated by her fascination with an ongoing quest for balance amidst a world of extremes, and humans’ ability to change or be changed. Aligned with this notion, she is captivated by the color turquoise and its relation to water as an ever-morphing form. Although a predominantly photo-based artist, her previous works include collage and large-scale public installations. Shipman is currently based between Toronto and Los Angeles.

Talia Shipman – Artworks

Talia Shipman's Artwork "door"

Talia Shipman's Artwork  collage4_sm

Talia Shipman's Artwork - Blue Space Water Wall

Talia Shipman's Artwork - Not the Holiday Inn (Cacti Sculptures)

Talia Shipman's Artwork Meet Me In The Middle (Wigs)

Talia Shipman – 30sec film artists Q&A

Do you collect things?

Yes. My studio mate can attest to this, ha! People also give me lots of things to add to my turquoise collection!

What super power do you want to have?

to retain all information and know everything

What’s your craziest dream?

I had a very dark, vivid dream last year where my torso split open up the middle, and all of my organs poured out black. To reconcile, I made a photo series and have been making torso collages since.

How do you come up with ideas?

Often in dreams or conversations with others. When I get excited about a concept, it's all I want to research and think about.

What project/art are you hoping to create but haven’t got chance to do yet?

There is another environmentally focussed project I hope to shoot this year again in California or New Mexico.

How do you know or feel when a good idea, is a good idea?

I know it in my bones, I get really excited and then have to write it down right away. Some times I have to manifest the idea creatively right away otherwise the idea fades and then other times, the idea is so strong it sticks with me until the time is right.

What makes you feel satisfied as an artist?

when i finally finish a project a see it up on the wall