Before we start filming, we think it’s important to understand you and your art through interview and deep conversation. After working with over 100 artists, we’ve developed a series of questions that help artists tell their story and show their unique selves. This process will enable you to tell your story authentically – so that it feels like you’re telling a story to a friend than to a camera. This groundwork helps create a film that’s natural and poetic.


Our goal is to visualize your artist’s statement and bring it to life on film. We create a film based on your story with your unique colour palette, tone and energy. We fuse classic cinematic techniques with motion graphics, special effects, original composed music and creative colour correction to express an artist’s authentic voice. We don’t have an assembly line approach to filming; each project is an experiment in which we play with all the elements of film to help communicate yourself and your work. We consult with you during the editing process to ensure the result meets your highest standards.


Once you’re ecstatic with the film we’ve produced, we make it easy for you post it to your website and social media. This becomes an incredible asset you can use to introduce yourself to galleries, collectors, and art journalists. It can even be used for grant applications to clearly show your skill and artistic vision.

Your Art in Motion

The internet connects the world, but it can get noisy and crowded! It’s easy for an artist to get lost in the noise. Video can project your artistic vision and voice through the internet in ways that words and images can’t. As filmmakers, our mission is to understand your creative work and show the world your process and unique vision.