FILMARTIST is a multi-media creative team that communicates your vision across film, photography, web & graphic design.
At FILMARTIST, it is the juxtaposition of modern digital technologies and traditional art techniques that transform branding into something more original, unique and imaginative.
After working with over 100 artists, we’ve realized artists express their creativity in different ways and they always have a unique story to tell. Our approach is to peal back the layers and reveal the complexity of their hard work.

When I decided that it was time for me to have a promo video made I knew there was no one that could do the job as well as Paris Zheng. I had a vision in my mind of how I wanted it to look and what I needed it to express and Filmartist Productions surpassed all my expectations. I now have a beautiful marketing piece to use as part of my display at art fairs and to share with my collectors old and new.

Rita Vindedzis Instagram

Rita Vindedzis


Paris Zheng of FilmArtist Productions comes to each project with a creative, passionate and open mind.
She has an extraordinary ability to align with the artist and document their vision with video and photography.
I have worked with Paris on several projects and each time there was a magical synergy that happened. It was as if she could read my mind. Paris is a creative clairvoyant.

Vicki Smith


Paris Zheng uses film like a true master artist and the result is a memorizing weaving of story, colour, design and magic! Working with Paris was truly a delight and her talent and creative vision showcased my love of the painting process in such a beautiful and dynamic way. Thank you!

Sharon Barr


Thank you filmartist for such an incredible documentation of my work and process.

Collaborating with Paris was truly a pleasure. She has the ability to portray the artist in the studio and manage to capture the essence of the work and process.

Nava Waxman